Water Leaks Can Cause Serious Issues for Lanzarote Homeowners

Lots of homeowners in Lanzarote are the proud owners of a swimming pool, and they can spend many a happy hour in the water and sunning themselves afterwards.

However, when you have a pool, one of the things which can happen is a water leak. That can happen even if you don’t have a pool, because you can have a leak in your mains water. In either case you need water leak detection in Lanzarote because you need to fix the leak.

Looking at it another way, if you don’t use water leak detection in Lanzarote, you could spend days digging down to try and locate it. This could ruin your garden. Of course, you don’t have to have a water leak in your garden. You could have one in your home. Water pipes run inside walls and under floors and can cause a considerable amount of damage. At Canary Detect we have a range of the very latest high-tech equipment that can locate a water leak at the precise point where it occurs, so that repairs can be carried out as easily as possible.

If you have a pool, you can have a leak in the pool pump, filter, skimmer, underground plumbing, or the vinyl liner itself.

Water Isn’t Free

If you have a pipe leak there is also a cost. Water isn’t free, and so if you have a leak your water bill will go up. There is another danger as well. If you have a pipe leak in water coming into your home, it could become contaminated, and the last thing you want is contaminated water coming out of your taps.

We use a number of ways to detect water pipe and pool leaks. First, we need to locate the pipe so that we know where it runs. Then we have a piece of kit called a Pipe Mic. This can be inserted into the pipe and can actually listen for the point where there is escaping water. We can also use CCTV to send down the pipe and visually inspect it. Yet another method is our GasCheck. We can fully pressurise the pipe with a safe gas. This can then be detected by sensors on the ground surface to locate the exact point at which the water is escaping. It is very useful for finding small, yet persistent leaks.

Of course, it goes without saying that once we have located your leak, we will set about repairing it for you.

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