You Need Cable Location Before Undertaking Any Digging On A Construction Project
cable detection in Lanzarote

When you are undertaking any sort of construction project, the first thing that you have to do is to build the foundations. However, that can lead to problems, because it is so easy to strike an underground cable or pipe. This is why, before you even think of using a spade or digger you need to undertake cable detection in Lanzarote.

At Canary Detect, we can help you with cable detection in Lanzarote because we have a wide range of equipment, and equally important, years of experience, in locating underground services.

Obviously, the first thing to do is obtain all the plans that are available from local utility suppliers, but you cannot rely on these. The problem is that there can be errors for a variety of reasons. Not the least of these is that over the years plans have been changed from paper to computerised, and errors can have crept in. Additionally, in some instances, plans may not be available at all! Even if they are, you can only ever use them as a guide. It is essential to undertake a full site survey using the correct equipment for the location of underground services.

Serious Injury To Workers

Not only can striking underground services cause disruption to the users, but it can also result in serious injury to workers. Some services are less likely to cause injury than others. Striking a telecoms cable may not cause injury but striking an 11,000-volt cable can be fatal.

The equipment that we use can provide not only the location of underground services, pipes, and cables, but also identify what sort of service is present.

Even so, although we have the latest equipment, it does have certain limitations and it is vital to understand what these are if mistakes are to be avoided. For instance, it is possible to get a reading that shows that nothing is present when in fact there is a service running underground there.

This is a simple example, but if there is a limit on the depth at which a reading can be made you can see how it could happen. The service may just be deeper down. So, if you need to dig down to, say, two metres and the equipment can’t read that depth, perhaps because of the soil type or other obstructions, you can see why there would be an error.

However, we know the ways around such things. In that instance, you dig down carefully a foot or so, and then take another reading. This time it may well locate the service that was there all the time!

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