Five Reasons To Invest In Water Leak Detection

Be it your ancestral property or your first house, home maintenance can be a tiresome task for busy homeowners. You need to be alert at all times, looking out for cracks, damps, moulds and leaks. One of the common issues homeowners face is faulty water systems and water leakages- internal and external. Besides the loss of water, several other hazards arise from leakages. Water leak detection can save your beloved home from damage. 

Why Must You Invest In Water Leak Detection?

Not sure if your home needs water leak detection services? The answer is yes! Here are 5 reasons to opt for leak identification:

  1. Reduce the risk of mildew mould: Standing water is often the breeding ground for fungi like mildew and mould. Even worse, if the leak is internal, you and your loved ones may be breathing mould, which is a potential health hazard. Timely water leak services can reduce the growth of harmful fungi and protect your home and family.
  2. Pay for the water you use: Every month, you pay a substantial water bill for the water you actually use. However, in case of a leak, you are also wasting money on water, which does no good. Leak detection can help you save your hard-earned money by identifying leaks and fixing them. 
  3. Cut down repair expenses: One of the most significant expenses households bear are the repair costs, especially when the damage is substantial. Damages due to internal leakage are not uncommon. However, the expenses wreck your bank account. Therefore, investing in water leak detection services before it is too late will considerably cut down your maintenance expenses. 
  4. Protect the network: If unnoticed, a tiny leak in the water pipes will lead to larger damage, such as pipe failure. Leak detection services problem areas, such as corrosion, deteriorated joints and cracking. When you invest in water leak detection, you can prevent the water network from impairment and lessen the chances of flood. 
  5. Prevent water loss: Water loss detection is not only essential for your home. It is also necessary for the environment. Hundreds of gallons of water are lost due to leaks, which can be used in times of crisis, such as drought. Leak detection saves water, energy and resources used to treat and pump water. Additionally, reducing actual water loss can help meet increasing demand without building added capacity.

Why Choose Canary Detec?

Internal leaks or external leaks- none are desirable in your home. At Canary Detect, we offer expert water leak detection services. We use some of the best technologies, including pipe mic, gas check, and CCTV, that accurately detect leaks and damages of all sizes. Once the problem area is identified, we also propose repairs and fixes. Canary Detection is one of the leading water leak detection specialists in Lanzarote and the Canary Islands. Contact us today to chat with our friendly experts and invest in the best water leak detection services!

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