There Can Be Many Reasons For A Leak In Your Pool In Lanzarote

Lanzarote is a great place in which to live, with lovely weather for a lot of the year (apart, perhaps, from October to December when it can get a bit wet). A lot of residents have a pool to swim in, and this is great unless you get a pool leak in Lanzarote.

Unfortunately, when you have a pool, there can always be a time when things go wrong, and a pool leak in Lanzarote can be one of them. Quite often, a pool leak is not something that is serious because it can be from things such as your pool pump, filter, heater, chlorinator, and any O-ring or connections where you might be losing water. Fortunately, these are fairly easy to access, and therefore fixing the problem is not too difficult in most instances. So, if you think you have a pool leak, these are the places to check first of all.

Of course, it goes without saying that maintenance is a priority when you have a swimming pool. The pump is a vital part of the pool’s system, as it draws the water through the skimmer and the main drains. It also circulates the chemicals evenly through the water, as long as it is functioning correctly. In fact, if it is not running properly the chemicals can become out of balance and this can lead to problems.

The Filter

You also need to pay attention to the filter. The pump pushes the water through the skimmer and then to the filter, and the job of the filter, as you might readily guess, is to trap and dirt and debris so that the water that you are swimming in is clear and clean. This is another thing that needs regular maintenance and cleaning because otherwise it can lead to serious issues, including pool leaks.

The skimmer can also be another place for pool leaks. Its’ job is to trap leaves, twigs, and so on, so that they don’t float to the bottom of your pool. Many people don’t consider the skimmer can be a source of leaks, but it can, so it is important to maintain this as well.

The pool liner is another possible source of leaks. The liner protects the surface of the pool and keeps the water in the pool. If you suffer damage to the liner, this can be another source of problems. Pool liners don’t last forever and so will need changing once in a while.

These are all places where you can suffer from a pool leak, but unfortunately a lot of them can happen in places where they cannot be seen, such as in pipework underground.

This is where things can get really difficult and is when you need to call us a CanaryDetect. We use highly specialised equipment that can locate the source of leaks in pipework underground and in other places where it cannot be seen by the naked eye. So, if the water in your pool is going down and you cannot see where the problem is, it is time to call us to find it and fix it for you.

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