Cable Detection In Lanzarote Requires Expertise Coupled With Specialist Equipment
cable detection in Lanzarote

When you are carrying out any sort of construction work, the first thing that you need to do – unless it is just a garden shed – is to dig the foundations. But when you do that, there may be underground services running there, and you don’t want to hit them. So, you need to carry out cable detection in Lanzarote before you begin to dig.

However, cable detection in Lanzarote requires expertise, and it also requires the use of specialist equipment that you won’t find down at your local hardware store. It also requires a lot of experience and training because even if you have all of the necessary equipment, you have to understand that it does have certain limitations, and that means that you could, for example, take a reading using a piece of equipment that returned a false negative.

That could make you believe that there is nothing present, and so you begin to dig down only to discover that there is an electricity cable three feet down and you just missed it. Or even worse, hit it.  

Striking an electricity cable can result in serious injuries to workers or anyone else passing by and can sometimes be fatal. But there are not only electricity cables running underground, but also water pipes, sewage pipes and so on.

Striking a water pipe may not seem that it could injure a worker, but in fact if the water is under pressure, it can hurl stones and detritus out into the air and can, indeed, cause injuries. Sewage pipes are not under pressure but could affect the health of workers.

Then there are telecoms and fibreoptic. These are unlikely to cause any injury but could do immense damage to businesses in the area. Let’s face it: it is almost impossible to run a business today without the use of the internet, and if there is no internet, business can come to a grinding halt. While it won’t usually cause any financial catastrophes if people cannot get on to Facebook for a few hours, it will nonetheless cause upset for many.

Cost Of Repairs

Then there is the cost of repairs, of course. The utility concerned has to send a team out to carry out whatever repairs are needed, and in the case of fibreoptics that is going to be very expensive. There is also the loss of trade to businesses to consider. In fact, it has been calculated that the cost of a cable strike is actually 28 times the cost of the repair. A lot of that could be claimed on the company employing the contractors who carried out the work. There is also the collateral damage to the reputation of the contracting company which could result in loss of further work.

All of these are very sound reasons for carrying out a full and thorough survey of the site in which you need to dig before a spade hits the ground. At CanaryDetect , our experts can carry out the survey that you need using the very latest technology and our years of experience in the location of underground services.

We use the Vivax Vloc Pro3 EML Locator and the Mala HDR Pro Ground Penetrating Radar. Using these tools we can locate and identify underground services of all types, whether metallic or non-metallic. We can also calculate the depth at which a particular service is running. This can be useful because if a service is at a depth of, say, five feet, but you only need to dig down two feet, then it should be safe to proceed, albeit slowly and carefully.

So, wherever you need to dig, call us to carry out a survey first.

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