Suffering From Leaking Water Pipes? We Can Locate The Problem For You

If your home or business is suffering from a water leak in Lanzarote, one very big problem is that you might not even know about it until it is too late. Well, maybe not too late to have it fixed, but quite possibly it could have caused a lot more damage, which is going to cost a lot more to fix, than if you had dealt with it when it first occurred. 

Another problem with a water leak in Lanzarote is that even if you happen to suspect that your water pipe may be leaking, working out what is causing the problem and where it has occurred can be a really difficult issue. And unless you know exactly what the problem is and where it has happened you really cannot do anything about fixing it.

OK, sometimes a water leak is obvious. If you see water dripping out of the bedroom ceiling, it is a fairly safe bet that something has gone wrong in the loft above. You could see damp patches on the wall. You might see the growth of algae or moulds. But then again, you might not.

If a leak is outside the building there could be a patch of grass which looks very green, or perhaps it could be muddy and damp. But then there is another issue. Is that area damp or muddy because of the water pipe coming into the building, or is it a fault in the sewer pipe that is leading out of the building? Who knows?

Of course, you could have a water leak from a pipe running under the floor, in which case it could be months before you realise that there is an issue.

If you have a pool, as quite a number of Lanzarote residents do, it is possible that the pool is leaking. That’s another issue. It could be the pool liner itself that is leaking, or it could be the water pipe leading to the pool. It could be the pool pump. Or it could be the pool filters. If you don’t clean the filters on a regular basis that can lead to trouble.

Your Water Bill

One way that you can ascertain if you have leaking pipes or pools is by taking a look at your water bill. If it has gone higher suddenly, then it is most likely a leak of some sort.

If it is your pool that is leaking and you want to check it, there is a simple test known as the bucket test. You fill a bucket with water from the pool and mark the level inside the bucket with a line using a duct tape or something similar. Place the bucket on a step in the pool and add another piece of tape on the outside of the bucket showing the water level in the pool. Wait a day or two (but take notice if it rains). If the water level in the pool is a lot less than that in the bucket, then it is not likely to be evaporation. You have a pool leak.

But you still have to find out where the leak is before you can do anything about it, and that is where we come in at CanaryDetect. Using some highly sophisticated equipment, we can trace the line of water pipes in ceilings, walls, underground, or wherever they may happen to be.

For example, if there is a leak in the water pipe leading to your pool, we can pressurise the pipe with a safe gas. This can then be detected at ground level by a special sensor. Then you know exactly where to dig in order to sort out the problem.

We also use CCTV and listening devices which will detect the sound of escaping water.

Oh, and we can also fix any water leaks for you, too.

So, if you suspect a water leak, don’t delay. If you have one, it is not going to get any better. Call us today. 

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