Pipe Leak Detection In Lanzarote – The Easy Way!

Every building – whether a home or a business – has all sorts of services running into it, and in the case of sewage and wastewater pipes, out of it. In order to keep our island beautiful in Lanzarote, they all run underground.

That is all great – until something goes wrong. For instance, you might have a water pipe leak, but you don’t even know where the pipe is! If this happens to you, then you will need pipe detection in Lanzarote to locate and fix the leak.

We provide pipe detection in Lanzarote at Canary Detect. We can also detect and locate other underground services such as telecoms, electricity cables, gas pipes, fibreoptics, and more. We have the very latest sophisticated equipment to enable us to do this.

Pipes can leak anywhere. Not only in the ground leading into your premises, but in walls, under floors, in ceilings – everywhere. And if they start to leak in your home or business, they can do untold damage unless that leak is located and fixed ASAP. Not only that, but if you have a water pipe leak there could also be the risk of contamination of your water supply – the water that you drink! Water pipe leaks can also lead to an accumulation of mould in your home. If a leak continues for a long time, it can do serious damage to the foundations, walls, and floors of the building as well.

Our team can not only locate pipes and cables that are hidden out of sight, but in the case of pipes with fluids or gases in them can locate exactly where they are leaking.

Save A Small Fortune

This can save you a small fortune if you are unlucky enough to have a pipe leak, because if you don’t know where the leak is occurring, then you have got to start uncovering the pipe, if it is in the ground, by doing it the only other way, and that is to start digging.

Of course, sometimes there can be indications of where a leak is occurring because the ground surface could become soggy, or if you have a tiled area the tiles might crack, or the same thing with a concrete path. However, if there is no obvious point at where a leak might be, then you would have to start to dig at the point where the pipe enters your property – or in the case of waste, leaves it – even if you know where that point is, which you may well not do!

It’s enough to make you scream! Let’s face it, you could dig along the line of where the pipe runs for ages until you come across the leak. That is a lot of backbreaking work all to find a tiny hole in the pipe which could be 30’, 40’ or more, away from the point where you started! Then you have to fix the leak when you have finally found it and replace all that soil / lawn / or whatever else!

Or, of course, you could do things the easy way and that is forget all about doing it yourself and just call us at Canary Detect. We can use CCTV to send down the pipe which will give us a visual picture of where the leak is occurring. We also have a piece of equipment that is called a pipe mic which is a listening device that can locate the leak by sound. If there is a small leak, we can pressurise the pipe with a safe gas and then locate it on the ground surface using a sensor.

All of which is a lot quicker, easier, and far more accurate, than trying to do it yourself.

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