Leaking Water Pipes Can Be Dangerous

Leaking water pipes in Lanzarote can cause all sorts of problems, and in some instances can be very dangerous. For instance, if you are drinking mains water and you have a leak, it can result in dirt and contamination getting into your water. If you suspect that you have a water leak you need to locate it and get it repaired as soon as possible.

Some of the indications that you may have leaking water pipes are unpleasant smells such as mould, and dirt in the water coming out of the taps. You may also have cracks in concrete pavements and/or visible potholes. In addition, you might notice that the water pressure has decreased, and you may also find that you suddenly have a higher water bill.

Water leaks can also increase moisture in the structure of your home or other building and result in mould on the walls. Ongoing water leaks can also damage the actual foundations. It is no good hoping that the situation will improve because it will actually only get worse. Leaks can get bigger over time, and you can also suffer a total loss of water to your property.

Water leaks can be a result of things over which we have no control. As water pipes age, they may simply suffer from wear and tear and rust away. There could be chemicals in the soil that can erode the pipes and also get into the water supply. Something such as a tremor or earthquake can also cause pipes to move and distort. Carrying out any excavation work near to water pipes, say to repair an electricity cable, may not be backfilled correctly and can lead to the pipes sagging and distorting.

Of course, most of our water pipes run underground and in the walls of a property, so it can be difficult to know for sure if there is any sort of leak. Even if you know that there is a leak, you will not usually know exactly where it is so if you start to dig to find it, you can easily be doing it in all the wrong places.

The Simple Answer Is To Use Our Services At Canary Detect

The simple answer is to use the services that we provide at Canary Detect for water leak detection in Lanzarote. We have all of the very latest water leak detection equipment for locating leaks in water pipes, and once we know where the leak is occurring it is usually a relatively simple matter to repair the pipe. Our leak detection services can find the source of a leak whether it is in external or internal water pipes, because we have a range of different high-tech equipment that we use to locate leaks.

We can use CCTV to inspect the inside of a pipe and also produce a video of it. For external water leaks we can use a safe gas which is under pressure in the pipe and then we have a specialist sensor that will locate the point where the gas is escaping on the ground surface. We also have a tool called the PipeMic which is inserted into the pipe and will listen for the point where the water is escaping. In addition, we have an electronic leak finder for vinyl lined swimming pools.

Leaking water pipes should never be left, but the leak should be located and repaired as soon as you become aware of it. If not, the damage will only get worse, and the costs associated with repair will increase.

Once we have located your leak, it is then a relatively simple matter in most cases to repair it with long-lasting materials which will solve the problem.

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