Every Pool Owner Dreads The Thought Of A Leak

One of the things that any homeowner in Lanzarote who has a pool will dread is the possibility of a pool leak. However, some water loss in a pool is always to be expected as a result of people splashing about and also, of course, evaporation. But if you rule out either of those, then it is time to go hunting for a pool leak in Lanzarote. The trouble is that it is often easier said than done.

If there are cracked tiles or concrete around, there is pooling water on the grass or the pool deck, or the chemical levels are varying, then these are common signs that there is a leak. And that is when you can begin to have difficulty. If you ignore a pool leak it can lead to further damage to the pool, formation of a sinkhole, and foundation shifts. And you will also be wasting your money. In most cases you will need an expert to locate the leak and to fix it for you.

Naturally, evaporation occurs on an ongoing basis, but if you are losing more than half an inch of water a day, then it is likely that there is a leak. You may also have difficulty maintaining the chemical levels, and you might also notice that your water bill has gone up because you have been filling the pool more often.

You should check the equipment pad because pumps, filters, heaters, and valves can all be the source of leaks. If a connection seal has broken, there can be water leaking into the pad, but it might not be visible immediately. You will have to check for several days. But you need to be extremely careful when doing so because there could be an electric wire that is exposed and is wet.

Bucket Test

Another thing that you can do to see if the pool is leaking is the bucket test. Take a large bucket and fill with water. Mark the top of the waterline with some duct tape or similar. Also mark the waterline of the pool itself. Leave the bucket next to the pool for a couple of days and then measure the difference between the two water level lines. If there is a considerable difference, then it is likely that a pool leak is the issue.

Once you have decided that you have a leak, you then have to find it, and as we said, that is easier said than done. You will need to call us at Canary Detect because we will locate the leak and then repair it for you. We have all of the very latest leak detection equipment in order to find the exact position of your leak.

We begin by surveying the location of the pipes. Then we can use our PipeMic which is inserted into the pipes and will listen for water escaping. If the leak is very small, we also have GasCheck which is the latest answer to the problem. The pipework is pressurised with a gas which is safe, and then we have a sensor which will detect the escaping gas on the surface.

In addition, we can use CCTVto inspect the interior of the pipes and their condition. If the leak is in the pool liner, we have an electronic leak finder for that. If your pool liner is old, it may not be possible to repair it, in which case it will be necessary to replace it.

Using our leak detection services will save you a lot of time and all the “aggro” of digging in all the wrong places.

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