Leaking Water Pipes Are Always A Serious Matter
pipe leak

Water leaks are an unfortunate fact of life, and they occur in Lanzarote just as much as anywhere else. Sometimes when a pipe bursts it is obvious, but all too often a water leak can occur, and you will simply not notice it. Of course, you may wonder why your bill is going up, but in many instances, it doesn’t cross our minds that a pipe leak in Lanzarote could be the answer. 

Yet a pipe leak in Lanzarote could be the real cause of that increased water bill. But that is only a minor part of the trouble that such a leak can produce. A much more serious threat is the fact that your water can become contaminated without you realising it. If there is a leak in a pipe where water is dripping out, it is also quite possible for contamination to get in, and the last thing that you want is contaminated drinking water.

This is why it pays to have your water pipes tested every few years, just in order to ensure that there is no danger to your health. This is much the same as the fact that you have your car serviced when it should be, so that it runs correctly and doesn’t waste fuel or cause you any danger.

However, there is a difference, and that is that with a car you can see it and what is going on. With your water pipes, in most cases they run underground and through walls and the only time that you realise that there is a leak is when your walls suffer damage, or your carpets become wet. By that time, it is too late. 

Outdoors, of course, leaking water pipes can affect the environment and surrounding flora and fauna. They can also contribute to lower pressure and lack of supply during drought conditions.

Damage Can Build Up Slowly Over Time

One of the issues with water leaks is that the damage that they can do, although significant, happens slowly over time in most cases. This is why you don’t often realise there is a problem until it is too late and is going to cost a small fortune to carry out repairs to foundations of a property. Your leaking pipe could also have further consequences if it affects a neighbour’s property, making you liable for that damage as well.

At CanaryDetect we have several ways of checking for water leaks on your property, wherever they may be, using the very latest high-tech equipment. You need to know exactly where the leak is before you can repair it, but if you have not located it, you can spend a small fortune digging up ground in all the wrong places. Worse still, if the leak is inside the foundations or walls of your building, be it a home or a business, you need to locate it exactly before attempting to carry out any repairs.

One of our latest solutions for locating underground water leaks is called GasCheck. This can detect leaks of any size, even small ones. What this does is to pressurise the water pipe with gas. Where the gas escapes from the pipe through the leak, it can be detected on the surface of the ground using specialist sensors.

We also have Pipe Mic which is a listening device. This is inserted into the pipe and will locate the leak by listening for the sound of escaping water.

In addition, we can use CCTV. This will provide us with high-definition video and photographs of the inside of the pipe. The camera head is also fitted with a sonde which allows us to locate the exact position of the leak and also its’ depth from the surface.

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