A Leak From Your Swimming Pool Can Costs Thousands Of Euros

Having a pool in your garden is a great asset to your home and can provide hours of endless fun and pleasure when the weather is warm – which it is most of the time in Lanazarote. However, one always has to be aware of a water leak in Lanzarote. Pools can begin to leak in several different places, many of them invisible, and one has to remember that a water leak in Lanzarote from your pool can cause damage that can run into thousands of euros to repair.

Not only that, while you might suffer considerable damage to your own property from a pool leak, you could also be responsible for causing such damage to your neighbour’s property, and you could finish up in court being sued for the damage, which won’t be covered by their insurance and is very unlikely to be covered by your own. Insurance companies are never keen to pay out, and if they find that the leak was from your pool, and you did nothing about it, they will likely wash their hands of the whole thing. That would leave you personally responsible for the damage. This is why it is essential to be aware of possible pool leaks.

Some of the most common causes of pool leaks include mechanical problems, structural damage, plumbing issues, broken pipes, and broken or loose fittings. When issues like this occur, it can mean that some parts of the pool, and especially the filtration system, will begin to deteriorate over time.

One of the things that can cause problems is the pool pump. If your pump develops a problem, the chemicals can become imbalanced, and the water won’t filter correctly. The filter is another area that can cause issues. It needs to be properly maintained and cleaned on a regular basis.

Pool Liner

You can also have issues with the pool liner. The function of the liner is to keep the water in the pool and provide a smart appearance. However, pool liners do not last forever. It will depend upon the use of the pool and your attention to maintenance. Certainly, some pool liners may last up to 20 years, but others can begin to develop leaks long before that.

Of course, one of the major issues is all of the underground pipework that moves the water around. Leaks in the pipes can go undetected for a long time simply because you cannot see them. However, if your water bills seem higher than usual or you start to see wet spots developing on the lawn or the paving around the pool, this can well be a sign that you have an underground leak.

At Canary Detect, we can locate pool leaks for you. We have the very latest technology, and it enables us to send CCTV down your pipes, use a listening device to locate leaks, and even pressurise the pipes with a safe gas which can be detected on the ground surface to pinpoint the leak.

Indeed, even if you cannot be sure that you have a leak, it can be a very good idea to have us check over your pipework system every few years. If nothing else, it will give you peace of mind.

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