If You Suspect You Have A Water Leak, Don’t Leave It

When you own any sort of property, whether residential or business, one of the things that it will have, along with four walls, a roof, and a floor, is a supply of water. In most cases, it will also have sewage pipes. And one of the things that can happen when you have water is that you get a leak.

Water leak detection in Lanzarote is not easy because in most cases the water / sewage pipes are hidden from sight. But you will need water leak detection in Lanzarote if you have a leak. This is because, although there may be certain signs that you are suffering from a water leak, finding out where the leak is and then fixing it, can be extraordinarily difficult. Water leaks can also be incredibly costly, and they happen more often than you might think. Around one quarter of all claims on insurance for buildings or contents are the result of water damage.   

So how do you know if you have a water leak in Lanzarote? Well, sometimes there are obvious signs, but other times there are not. For instance, when you turn on a tap you might notice that the water pressure is lower than usual. Turn off all your fixtures and then turn one back on: if you notice an increase in the water pressure, there is probably a leak somewhere.

However, note that in a shower head, the pressure could drop because there is a build-up of limescale in the shower head. Clean it using a limescale remover and check to see if it makes a difference.

If your hot water heater or boiler is on most of the time, it could mean that there is a leak. This could often be underground, which is harder to locate. You could also have a damp patch on your floor, or even pools of water, even on tiled or concrete floors. Very often, you may just notice a smell which is caused by mildew or moulds: these can often be unseen, hidden away in cabinets under the kitchen sink for instance.

Toilet cisterns can leak too. This is not too much of a problem, but it can cost you money if the water is constantly leaking. If you are not sure about it, put some food dye into the cistern and leave it for ten minutes. If the water in the toilet is the same colour as the water in the cistern, then it is leaking.

Wallpaper Could Be Damp

You may notice wallpaper becoming damp or even beginning to come away from the wall. This can be caused by a leak behind the wall. Things like your dishwasher and washing machine can move slightly and this can loosen pipes and valves and cause leaks.

Then, of course, you may have a water leak outside your home in the pipes that supply it. These can be very difficult to locate unless you are an expert and have the right tools.

At CanaryDetect we can locate any type of water leak wherever it may be and whatever is the cause. We have all the necessary equipment such as CCTV which can send a camera down your water pipes in order to locate the position of a leak. This saves digging holes all over your garden trying to find it.

We also have a piece of equipment called a PipeMic which can be sent down the water pipe and listen for escaping water. And there is our latest solution for small leaks which involves pressurising the pipe with a safe gas which can then be detected on the surface of the ground by a sensor.

Whatever you do, if you suspect a water leak, don’t leave it. We can find it and fix it for you.

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