How Do We Locate Problems In Underground Pipes That You Cannot See?

It is a fact that almost all of our utilities are delivered through cables and pipes buried underground, because it is the easiest place to put them, and it also keeps them out of sight. That’s all great until something goes wrong, and you need pipe detection in Lanzarote. Let’s face it, if something goes wrong such as a leaking pipe, or your telecom system breaks down, you need to be able to locate the problem so that you can fix it, and so pipe detection in Lanzarote, or cable detection, is the only answer.

But of course, you cannot see where the problem is, and in many cases what it is. For instance, you may have an issue with damp in your floorboards, or wallpaper peeling off a wall which has become damp, and it becomes apparent that there must be a water leak somewhere, but where?

You don’t want to spend a couple of days digging along where you “think” a pipe may be because, even if you are following the line of the pipe correctly – which you may well not do – you still don’t know where the problem is. That means that you could dig up half your garden, and you still might not find the problem because it could be buried in the garden next door. How do you know?

Maybe your telephone and broadband system isn’t working. It could be that the ground has shifted and damaged the cable. Then again, the issue might be within the walls of your home. How do you know? Where do you even begin to start in your quest to solve the issue?

Well, the first thing to do is to phone us at Canary Detect. You may not be able to do that on your landline, so you will have to do it on your mobile. Our job is to locate underground services – and also those in walls and under floorboards and elsewhere – and find the location of the damage to a water pipe, for example. Once we have located the problem, it is a relatively simple matter to then dig down and fix the issue.

How Do We Do It?

How do we do all this? The answer is that we use very sophisticated technology and specialist equipment which will enable us to locate any sort of underground or hidden problem. So, for example, we may send a CCTV camera down a water pipe so that we can see the issue. We can even film it and show you what the problem is.

We have another piece of kit which can hear where a leak is in a pipe. It can listen and physically locate the leak just by hearing where it is!

We can use electromagnetic induction to locate metal pipes and cables, and we can also use GPR – Ground Penetrating Radar – to locate non-metallic pipes. Another piece of equipment sends a safe gas down a pipe under pressure, and we can then locate the escaping gas on the surface of the ground which tells us where the leak is.

So whatever issues you have with utilities that you cannot see, we can find the problem for you, and then fix it.

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