What You Need To Know About Pool Leaks in Lanzarote

Life in Lanzarote is a mixture of lively tourist resorts and small villages where all is peace and quiet. Many residents of Lanzarote have their own swimming pool, and of course the hotels and other tourist resorts do also.

Owning a pool, especially if it is in your own backyard, can be a lot of fun both for families and children, but it can also have its’ problems. You might suffer a pool leak in Lanzarote.

While you might say “so what?”, a pool leak in Lanzarote can be a serious matter because it can do untold damage which may not be apparent immediately. Indeed, a pool leak can go unnoticed for ages, until one day the inevitable happens and by then it is too late. It can cost a fortune to restore your property to the way it should be.

It is also possible that you might notice that you have a pool leak. However, you then have another issue which is finding out where the leak is! Even if you can find out where the leak is, you then have the problem of how to repair it. Let’s face it, if you have a leaking tap in your bath, it is probably just a matter of fitting a new washer. That’s a ten-minute job. It might also be necessary to replace the tap with a new one, but even so it shouldn’t take more than an hour. But a pool leak is a completely different matter because you can’t easily locate it, and when you do it is not easy to get at it to fix it.

You might, for instance, notice that your pool is losing water because you are having to top it up more often. Now losing water from a pool is normal because of evaporation, but if it is more than half an inch a day, there is probably a leak.

You Might Notice Your Water Bill Has Gone Up

You might not even notice that but realise that your water bill has gone up quite a lot, for the simple reason that you are actually filling it up more often.

Other signs can be that you have swampy areas in the lawn or on the pool deck. You might also have tiles that have cracked or concrete pathways that have done the same. Another place that you can have a water leak is in the equipment pad. Pumps, heaters, valves, and filters can all be subject to leaks.

There are actually a couple of tests that you can do to check for a pool leak, one of which is known as the bucket test. You fill a 5-gallon bucket with water and mark the top of the water level with some duct tape. Mark the level of water in the pool with another piece of duct tape. Leave the bucket by the pool for a couple of days. If there is a big difference between the water level in the bucket and that in the pool, then you have a leak. You can also carry out a test using food dyes in the pool in order to try to determine the place of a leak.

Alternatively, you could call in the experts at CanaryDetect. Detecting and fixing pool leaks – and others as well – is what we do. We have sophisticated equipment that can detect the position of a leak in the pipes of the pool itself. So, for instance, we have a PipeMic that will listen for the sound of escaping water. We can pressurise the pipes with a gas and detect it at the surface where it is escaping. We can also use CCTV.

Equally importantly, once we have detected your pool leak, we can also fix it for you!

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