How Do You Know If Your Swimming Pool In Lanzarote Is Leaking?

When you own a home with a swimming pool you will be the envy of many of your friends. You can take a dip at a moment’s notice if the weather is hot, so that you can cool off. You can organise an afternoon party around your pool, or you can have your friends’ kids over to play with yours.

However, one of the worst things that can happen to a pool owner is a pool leak in Lanzarote. You may notice quite quickly that your pool level is dropping faster than usual, but a pool leak in Lanzarote can be even worse if you fail to notice it. This is because of the considerable amount of damage that can occur as a result of a leaking pool that can be very expensive indeed to repair and/or restore.

If your pool is leaking underground, it may be some considerable time before you realise that there is something wrong. If it is underground you won’t notice it until, perhaps, the grass around the pool becomes boggy, or perhaps you start to get tiles around it cracking.

You might also find that your next water bill is quite a bit higher than the last one, and this again can be a sign of a pool leak, especially with a pool that automatically levels the water. Another indication of a pool leak is water that starts to look green. If you have a pool leveller, it will keep topping up the pool and this will result in a rundown of chemicals which can then allow algae to grow.

However, whatever it is that tips you the wink that there is something wrong, you need to investigate at the earliest opportunity. That means right now. You cannot afford to leave it, unless you really do not care about how big the repair bill becomes.

Consider Safety

The first thing to consider when you suspect a pool leak is safety. The most obvious danger with a pool is drowning, so you need to ensure that you keep the pool gate closed while working on it in order to prevent small children or pets from harm. There may also be the risk of exposure to chemicals, so you should wear PPE if you need to look around the chemical storage area.

You also need to avoid using electrical equipment in the pool area, because there is always a risk of electrocution.

One of the first things to do is to use the bucket method to check for a leak. This won’t tell you where the leak is, but it will confirm whether you do or do not have a leak. Fill a bucket three quarters full with pool water and place it on a step in the pool so that the pool level is about the same as the water in the bucket. Mark both levels with a permanent marker. Don’t let anyone swim in the pool, and check for rain. 24 hours later check the levels. If the level in the pool has gone down by more than the level in the bucket, you have got a leak.

Now all you have to do is to find it and fix it!

There are ways that you can find the leak yourself, but at Canary Detect we can do it for you a lot faster. We have specialist equipment that will locate and identify even the smallest of swimming pool leaks in Lanzarote, whether that is in the pool itself or the associated pipework.

Once we have located the leak, we can then repair it for you so that there is no further risk of damage, and so that you can once again enjoy your pool rather than fretting over it.

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