At Canary Detect, We Make Finding Water Leaks In Pipes And Pools Easy

If you have leaking water pipes in Lanzarote, you need to get the problem sorted out as soon as possible for a number of reasons. Water leaks that continue over a long period can cause damage to your home or other property, including damage to foundations, and they can increase moisture levels in the building and encourage the growth of dangerous moulds.

Water leaks can also result in contamination of your water supply which in turn could mean that your water is unsafe to drink. There can additionally be a change in the soil conditions surrounding a leaking pipe which can mean that there can be a damaging effect on plants and trees. There is also the additional cost of water leaking, because water doesn’t arrive in your home for free, and you don’t want to be paying for water almost literally going down the drain.

One of the issues surrounding water leaks is that they often go unnoticed. This is why it is worth having a leak detection survey every few years, even if there is no obvious sign of a leak. At CanaryDetect we can survey your property and check for water leaks in the ground, in walls, and anywhere else that your water pipes run so that any leak can be repaired before serious damage occurs.

We can also check for a pool leak in Lanzarote. Swimming pools too can suffer from leaks, and again you need to repair them as soon as possible. We have all the very latest technology to check for water leaks of any description, which is what you need. If you cannot locate a leak and you know that there is one, you can spend a small fortune digging up ground, and at the same time perhaps destroying lawns and flower beds, in order to try and find it.

We can accurately locate all types of underground services – water, telecoms, electricity cables, gas pipes, sewage pipes, and more – using our ground penetrating radar equipment and the Vivax Vloc Pro3 EML Locator. Once we know the exact route of a water pipe, we can then proceed to find exactly where it is leaking so that it is then a straightforward matter to dig down and carry out the repairs.   

We use a pipe mic which is inserted into the water pipe and will actually listen for the point where the water is escaping. We also have the latest gas check technology which involves pressurising the water pipe with a safe gas. This can then be detected on the surface at the point where the water is leaking.

In addition, we can use CCTV. We send a camera down the pipe and produce a high-definition video which will show the leak, and at the same time will show the condition of the pipe overall. This allows us to offer the right fix.

In addition, if you have a pool leak, we also have the very latest electronic leak finder which will locate a leak in a vinyl lined pool. So, whatever issue you have with water leaks, Canary Detect will locate and repair it for you.

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