A Waterpipe Leak On Your Property Can Be Extremely Serious
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One of the most damaging things that can happen to a property, whether residential or commercial, is a water pipe leak in Lanzarote. The problem can be that, when you have a pipe leak in Lanzarote, it may have been going on for weeks or months before you even notice anything.

During that time, it can cause serious damage to walls, floors, ceilings, or wherever the water pipe runs and has a leak. If you own any sort of property, it is good practice to have your water system checked for leaks occasionally. Apart from anything else, it will give you peace of mind if there are no leaks, and of course, if there are, then you will need to take action immediately. Unfortunately, water pipe leaks don’t stop until you do something about them.

There can be all sorts of issues if you have a water leak. Apart from anything else, water pipes come into your property underground, and if you have a leak somewhere around the foundations at the point of entry it can cause serious damage. Not only that, but a leak in the water mains could be damaging the foundations of neighbouring buildings as well, and that could lead to massive costs in damages if it was proved that it was your water pipe which caused the problems.

There is also the issue of contamination of your water supply – and again potentially that of neighbours. If you have a leak underground there could be anything around the leak which could be absorbed into the water supply itself, possibly making your water unsafe to drink. Worse still, if your water pipe and sewage pipe run next to each other, the possibilities are unthinkable.

Here is something else to take into consideration, and that is that if you have a water pipe leak on your property you are paying for water that is being wasted. That is as near as you can get to flushing money down the drain, because you have to pay for it anyway.


Water leaks inside your property can also encourage the growth of moulds, and that is never a good thing. This is especially true if you have someone living in the home who suffers from breathing problems such as asthma, COPD, or occupational lung diseases and pulmonary hypertension. You may not even see the moulds because they could be growing behind the kitchen sink or in other hidden areas.

Waterpipe leaks can also contribute to low water supplies during droughts. Look at the UK at the moment, which is suffering from droughts while at the same time water companies are losing billions of gallons from water leaks in the systems.  

In addition, water leaks can have damaging effects on plants which in turn can affect the local fauna. So, for all these reasons, you need to check for leaking pipes every so often. And that means that you need us at CanaryDetect.

The Very Latest Technology

We use the very latest technology in order to detect water pipe leaks both inside and outside your home or business. Our equipment will locate your waterpipe’s leaks to CM accuracy, including the depth below the surface when it is underground. One of our very latest techniques is a gas check. If you have a small leak, the pipe can be pressurised using a safe gas, and this can then be detected at the ground surface.

We also have something called a pipe mic which can be sent down the pipe and will listen for the sound of water escaping. In addition, we can use CCTV to produce an HD video so that we can see where the pipe leaks and its’ overall condition.

It goes without saying that we can then carry out the necessary repairs.

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