Suffering A Leak From Your Pool? We Can Find It And Fix It For You

Lots of homes in Lanzarote have swimming pools, which can be great for relaxing in the sun, having a swim to cool off, and then back to the sun lounger to your G & T or whatever. However, one big disadvantage of owning a pool is that you can suffer a pool leak in Lanzarote.

Now the biggest problem if you have, or suspect that you have, a pool leak in Lanzarote is that in almost all cases you have no idea where it is. What that means is that you have to take a guess as to where in the pipework the leak is and then start digging in order to try and find it. In turn, that means that you can do a lot of digging before you actually locate the leak so that you can do something about repairing it.

That also means that you can ruin a perfectly good lawn and possibly flower beds as well. You can spend a lot of time digging yourself, or alternatively call in a gardener which costs money. All in order to try to locate a leak.

Wouldn’t life be a lot simpler when you suspect a pool leak if you knew exactly where it was so that you could just dig in one spot and repair the leak?

Well now you can. At Canary Detect we can locate any leak for you with pinpoint accuracy. Once we have established where the problem is and what is causing it our precision engineers can then repair the leak for you.

Specialist Equipment

We have a range of specialist equipment that can locate and detect any pool leak. The leak can be from the pool itself or it can be from the water pipes used to supply the water to your pool. Water pipes can suffer from leaks for a number of reasons such as simple wear and tear, the pipe rusting away from the inside over time. A pipe could have been badly installed and not properly supported, or an earth tremor could cause ground movement resulting in a crack in the pipe.

We have a piece of equipment called a PipeMic which can be inserted into a pipe in order to listen for water escaping. Another tool is our GasCheck which is used to pressurise the pipe with a safe gas which will escape from the pipe where the leak is. This will then be detected on the surface with our sensor.

We also have the latest electronic sensor that we can use to locate leaks in vinyl lined pools. And in addition we can send a CCTV camera down the pipe to video the condition of it and the location of the leak. The head of the camera is fitted with a sonde which can be located from the surface, so we know exactly what the cause of the leak is and exactly where it is.

Then all we need to do is to dig down and repair the leak for you. It’s a whole lot better than digging up everything blindly!

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