DIY Tips: How to Detect Pool Leaks?

Is the water from your pool draining out too fast these days? This fast draining could indicate a leak in your swimming pool. If ignored, such leaks can lead to more severe damages, such as the creation of sinkholes and damage to the pool’s foundation. Detecting a leak in your swimming pool or the associated plumbing can be tricky. If you are not confident, it is better to consult a certified plumber from Canary Detect to fix your pool leak in Lanzarote

How can you detect a leak?

Conduct a thorough inspection:

The first step in detecting a leak is to conduct a thorough inspection of the pool area. Start by examining the external pipes for any signs of dripping water. Carefully find the region where the water tends to accumulate. Check for cracks in tiles or the concrete floor.

Often the problem lies in the equipment pad. If a connection seal has cracks, you may notice water leakage into the equipment pad. You should thoroughly check the filters, valves, pipes and heaters for any signs of water leakage. Remember to observe extreme caution while checking this area since the wet surfaces can lead to electrical shocks.

Perform the bucket test to confirm the leak

The water level may decrease due to evaporation on a hot summer day. Thus, it is essential to determine whether the sudden drop in your swimming pool’s water level is indeed due to a leak.

Fill a large bucket with pool water and mark the water line with some tape. Similarly, put another piece of tape at the waterline of your pool. Leave the water-filled bucket next to your pool for a couple of days. After two-three days, there must be a decline in the water level. Now, observe the difference between the bucket and the pool. If there is a stark difference, you can be sure of a leak in the pool.

Perform a dye test to confirm the location of the leak

Drop a tiny amount of dye near the pool’s plumbing. If a leak exists near a pump or a drain, it will start flowing towards the league and get sucked out. Submerge your head in the water to observe this phenomenon that reveals the exact location of the pool leak.

Repairing Pool Leaks: A Few Solutions

Pools that are several years old tend to be more prone to leakage. If you observe that the pool’s vinyl liner pool has cracked, then it is better to replace it with a new one immediately. If there is a leak in the underground piping of your pool, then it is difficult for an inexperienced homeowner to fix the issue. In such a case, call a professional.

If all these methods to detect a pool leak seem too much work, fret not! Just call Canary Detect to avail the services of certified and experienced plumbers. They will take care of your pool leak in no time. Your next summer pool party is definitely going to be rocking!

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