Leak Detection – Water Pipe

Client informed us that when the internal stop tap was switched off the water meter was continuing to run indicating a leak on the incoming water pipe to the property.

1. Pipe Location

Before trying to locate the leak the pipe itself needed to be accurately located. MVP used a Flexitrace system, and a sonde inserted into the pipe and its position and depth accurately located with a Vivax Vloc Pro 3 and a GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar System)

Leak Detection – Water Pipe

2. Gas application

With the route of the pipe accurately located MVP now applied gas to the pipe. The gas is a safe mixture of Nitrogen with a small part of Hydrogen – Hydrogen being the smallest molecule is ideal for this application as it will permeate most sub structures.

The gas escapes the pipe through any defects and rises to the surface, It is important to note that differing subsurface conditions can cause the gas to be detected in other areas due to how the gas travels from the pipe to the surface.  The accurate location of the pipe before this process is therefore critical.

3. Gas Detection

The full route of the pipe was then surveyed using a Gas Check H2 system which detects and measures the Gas. The system detected escaping on the patio area.  The highest concentration of gas detected was directly below the first floor stop tap on what appears to be a 90 degree turn as the pipe turns towards the property

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